Why is the Gayatri Mantra powerful?

Why is the Gayatri mantra powerful?

Gayatri mantra is powerful because it is a mantra that has been specifically designed to invoke certain reverberations in the body of the chanter & the listener.

The Gayatri Mantra’s power also comes from the fact that it is written in the Gayatri chandas (Vedic meter) which is regarded as the mother of all chandas. Almost 1/4th of entire Rig-veda is written in this chandas, this shows what is the importance of the Gayatri Mantra.

The Gayatri mantra is composed of a meter consisting of 24 syllables – generally arranged in a triplet of eight syllables each. Therefore, this particular meter (tripadhi) is also known as the Gayatri Meter or “Gayatri Chanda.”

Gayatri Mantra is said to be one of the most ancient mantras’ that are available to humans.

Gayatri mantra is found in Rig-veda and was written by Vishwamitra a well renowned and one of the most coveted Brahma-rishi (saint of the order of the creator himself) in Hinduism.

It is said that the God of creation had to recite this very mantra in order to safeguard himself from certain miscreants, this shows the power of the Gayatri Mantra.

The meaning of gayatri mantra is a beauty in itself. The unlike many other Hindu mantras the Gayatri Mantra doesn’t invoke any deity and still, it bears significance.

The power of the Gayatri mantra, starts by making you realize that you’re a small cog in the grand scheme of things or you exist in gross and there are subtler plains of existence.

The mantra takes you from your journey from inward to the entire universe. This is symbolic in the sense that Gayatri Mantra makes you realize that one can go and meditate for going from mundane to the subtle or other words, “from darkness to light or brilliance of the creator”.

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