Who is the God of Gayatri mantra?

Who is the God of Gayatri mantra?

Many chants or mantra in Hinduism were created for invoking a particular god or goddess, so it is obvious that we may think that Gayatri Manatra also has use in invoking a God or a goddess. Let us see how this is not true.

Does Gayatri Manatra has a God?

Popularly people believe the Gayatri mantra is dedicated to Goddess Gayatri hence its name Gayatri Mantra, this can’t be farther from the truth.

First, let us understand why this is the case.

Now in order to understand this, we need to understand certain aspects of Hinduism.

In Hinduism, anything which has virtue or which adds value to one’s life can be regarded as a god.

For example, in certain traditions in Hinduism a Chulha or cooking stove is given importance like a god, this means that in the house there are certain protocols to be followed around the cooking stove and it will be kept neat and clean as you would typically keep a place of worship.

Why a cooking stove is given such significance well the reason is obvious isn’t?

Let me elaborate, you can’t understand this in the modern context of a cooking stove. 

Because the nowadays flame is just a click or button away, it was not so just a 100 years ago, in order to get a fire going for cooking you had to take precautions (as in dry wood, proper smoke outlet, proper air inflow, etc)

And these were necessary as the once the fire got going you need to take care of it as the process of starting a fire was a task in itself, so in Hinduism as cooking fire literally provides you with easily consumable food it is virtuous hence a God.

So, we can see how Gayatri Mantra which is regarded as such a virtuous Mantra would be regarded as a god and also Gayatri is a common name used in India for girls, hence popularly people believe that God of Gayatri Mantra is Goddess Gayatri.

So, who is the God of Gayatri Manatra?

Contrary to other mantras in Hinduism, the Gayatri Mantra doesn’t invoke any deity, hence the god of Gayatri Mantra is not Goddess Gayatri.

The Gayatri Mantra is chanting of a prayer which can take one in the direction from himself to the entire universe’s brilliance or wisdom. Meaning the creation is wisdom and brilliance to which the chanter is to be taken or the chanter wishes to be one with the brilliance of the one who has created the universe as we know it. 

In short, we can say that the God of Gayatri Mantra is the highest brilliance that has made all the life as we know it.