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Chants of Soul

Chants of Soul: An Introduction to Chanting

A Chant or a Mantra is significant for the sound of it, not for the meaning of it. This doesn’t mean that meaning is not important, it just means that you can sound a mantra without the knowing the meaning of it and still can have the benefits of it.  

Meaning exists only in our psychological space (or in our mind). There is no meaning anywhere in the universe except in the human mind. But there is sound because the sound is a reverberation & reverberations are universal.  

In an attempt to explain the universe there are various theories which are there, and one of those theories is something called a string theory. So modern science is also talking about how there is no matter & everything is made of reverberations, and reverberations are just Energy reverberating?

So the sound is an existence of reality meaning it is a psychological thing. So essentially the essence of what is offered in the Hindu way of the learning is largely the impact of sound how because creation is seen as a complex amalgamation of sounds and certain sounds are key sounds, which can unlock many paths to achievements, satisfaction, calmness and many more aims which one may be looking for in his/her life. 

There can be many meanings of the same mantra in Hindu way of knowing things, but as the sound is more important than the actual meaning of it, one can utilize it without knowing the real meaning behind it. 

Meaning is meaningless if you don’t sound or pronounce  it correctly rather a strong mantra can cause more harm if not pronounced correctly. Knowing meaning is not the final answer but surely knowing meaning gives you a purpose behind your sound and sound can be internalized more quickly because of it.   

Why Chanting?

Chanting done  right can create vibrations which are positive, and positive vibrations can further stimulate relaxation, healing or your desired affect (if you the right chant for your desire).

It has already been shown, how chanting can help you in altering your breathing patterns. It can help in improving listing skills, it can help in been able to concentrate better. 

When we chant, we create sounds which reverberations and hence we create power. The more you put your sincerity and conviction into a chant it can get you closer to your end result.

Chanting involves three faculties of the one who is chanting, these faculties are speaking, hearing and thoughts. All these three faculties when used in sync will reverberate in your entire body and you will see the results.